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Planning Consultants Hawaii, LLC (PCH) specializes in developing creative solutions to difficult land use, design, and planning issues. We represent both private and public-sector clients on a variety of planning and development matters.

We specialize in developing creative solutions to difficult land use, design, and planning issues.  For inquiries please call: 808-244-6231 or fill out the following form.

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To apply for a job with Sphere Constuctions, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

Michael J. Summers, MURP, President

John F. Summers, MURP, Vice President

General Inquires



Planning Consultants Hawaii, LLC

2331 West Main Street

Wailuku, Hawai`i  96793


  1. Master Plan for the Old Maui High School 1/

  2. Central Maui Pedestrian & Bicycle Master Plan 1/

  3. Maui Research and Technology Park Master Plan 1/

  4. Wailuku Municipal Parking Lot Master Plan 1/

  5. Market Street Beautification Plan 1/

Master Planning
Development Permitting & EA/EIS

  1. South Maui Regional Park 1/

  2. Kane Street Commercial Mixed Use 1/

  3. Kamali`i Alayna 1/

Master Planning
Development Permitting & EA/EIS
Community Planning & Public Policy
Community Planning & Public Policy
  1. General Plan 2030 Technical Studies 1/

  2. Maui County Post-Disaster Reconstruction Guidelines and Protocols (RGP's)

  3. Wailuku Redevelopment Area Plan 2/

  4. Wailuku Redevelopment Area Zoning & Development Code 2/

  5. Maui County Agricultural Development Plan 1/

  6. Agricultural and Rural Zoning Ordinances 2/

  7. Open Space Zoning Ordinance 2/

  8. Maui County Comprehensive Zoning Code Update 2/

  9. Planning and Permitting Guide 3/

  10. State Land Use Regulation and Management Study 4/


1/  Professional experience attributed to Michael Summers while employed as a Senior Planner for Chris Hart and Partners.

2/  Professional experience attributed to John Summers while employed as a Planning Administrator for the Maui County Planning Department.

3/  Professional experience attributed to Michael Summers while employed as a Staff Planner for the Maui County Planning Department.

4/  Professional experience attributed to John Summers while employed as a staff planner for the State of Hawaii Office of Planning.


Planning Consultants Hawaii (PCH), LLC is a Maui, Hawaii based planning consultancy with extensive experience in master planning, development permitting, environmental assessment (EA/EIS), and community planning and public policy.

PCH’s principals have a combined 45 years of planning experience having completed over 90 projects for private and public sector clients. PCH's principals have extensive professional planning experience working in both State and County governments and in the private sector.  PCH’s principals have a broad range of experience managing large, complex projects involving local and national consultant teams and public sector clients.

PCH strives to be responsive, reliable and professional in all aspects of its business.  As a boutique planning firm, all of PCH’s projects receive the personal attention and in-depth professional experience of a firm Principal.  PCH prides itself on using creative and innovative planning techniques to address complex issues.  Our goal is to work closely with our clients to produce exceptional deliverables that exceed expectations and create positive change and more sustainable communities.  For more information about PCH, please see the following pdf of our firm profile:



Specializing in Master Planning, Development Permitting & EA/EIS, Community Planning and Public Policy

Firm Leadership

Michael J. Summers is the founder and President of Planning Consultants Hawaii, LLC.  Mike’s area of expertise is land use, environmental and community planning.  Mike has a thorough understanding of State and County land use planning and regulatory processes and is intimately familiar with the unique environmental, cultural, and socio-economic environments that must be carefully considered to produce successful projects in Hawaii.  In May of 2012, Mike founded PCH to offer urban and regional planning services throughout Hawaii and the Pacific.  Mike has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Economics and a Master’s Degree in Urban and Regional Planning.

John F. Summers is Vice President of PCH and has had extensive experience in a wide array of planning and zoning projects throughout his career.  John’s experience includes the preparation of general and community plans, the update of zoning ordinances, the preparation of master plans and community revitalization.  John brings a creative and thoughtful approach to the full range of planning issues. Prior to becoming a private planning consultant, John served for over ten years as the Chief of Long Range Planning for Maui County.  John has a Master’s Degree in Urban and Regional Planning and a B.S. in Business Economics.



Master Planning requires an understanding of how land use, design, demographics, infrastructure, transportation systems and market forces interact to shape the built environment and the livability of communities.  PCH’s principals have years of experience managing complicated master planning projects.

Permitting & EA/EIS

Development permitting requires an in-depth understanding of Federal, State and County land use and environmental laws and the development process.  It also requires the ability to recognize and meet the needs of both clients and regulators.  PCH has years of experience working on complicated private and public sector projects.

Community Planning & 
Public Policy

Preparing a plan often requires a team with multi-disciplinary expertise in land use, economics, transportation, environmental systems, urban design, public involvement and GIS.  PCH’s principals have years of experience managing such teams.

For more information about PCH, please see the following pdf of our firm profile:

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